Swimming Pool Services

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance since 1992. We keep your pool clean and running smoothly so you can enjoy the swimming season.

Swimming Pool Services

Our service professionals are there to ensure you have a pleasant and enjoyable swimming pool season.

Proper pool maintenance and service improves the safety of your pool for you, your family, and loved ones and ensures that you have continuous fun and enjoyment throughout the pool season.

We offer three types of pool services:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Weekly Pool Cleaning
We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that includes 15 pool cleanings per pool season. Cleaning is booked at the beginning of each pool season and is on a contractual basis.

Pool chemicals are not included in the cost of our weekly pool service and are billed separately.

Summerizing is opening your pool for the summer swimming season. We want you to have a fun and safe season to do this your pool needs to be serviced and opened properly.

Drain and Clean
A drain and clean of your pool eliminates a high level of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). This helps keep your pool clean and safe.

Winterizing is the process of closing your pool for the season and getting it ready for winter. Done properly this helps prolong the life of your pool and prevents issues when you open it. Usually it is followed by winter maintenance.

Winter Maintenance
We offer our winter maintenance service during the winter months to check your pool’s water level to prevent damage.

Interested in any of these cleaning and maintenance services? You can get more in depth details on our pool cleaning and maintenance services page or contact us to schedule a pool assessment.

Pool Repair

In order to help prolong the life of your swimming pool, it is necessary to maintain and service the pool’s equipment and systems. If your equipment breaks down it needs to be repaired.
We are qualified to make repairs on the spot if necessary, and our team carries a limited number of parts in their trucks.

If a larger repair or replacement is needed, our staff can also handle a wide variety of equipment repairs and systems issues. We also replace tiles, and plaster if needed or necessary.

Having trouble with your pool? Learn more about what we can do to help fix or repair your pool equipment.

Pool Renovation and Restoration

Looking to upgrade your pool or pool systems? Add a spa?

Our team will work with you to renovate and update your pool, equipment or systems. We offer a wide variety of options that can enhance the beauty of your pool, increase efficiency, improve safety, and help the environment.

We can restore your pool and bring it back to it’s original beauty and lustre. This can include changing the shape of your pool, fixing equipment, refinishing your pool’s plaster, fixing or replacing tiles, replacing your coping or adding spa or water features.

Whether you are looking to update and renovate your pool and pool systems or restore it to its original glory – we can help.

About Us

Putnam Swimming Pool Service is a family owned and operated residential swimming pool and spa cleaning, maintenance, repair, and renovation company. Our specialty is gunite and concrete in ground swimming pools. We have been proudly servicing Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY since 1992.

At Putnam Swimming Pool Service, our goal is to help ensure that your pool is clean, safe, and beautiful.

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