Swimming Pool

Servicing, maintaining, upgrading, and installing swimming pool equipment since 1992.

Swimming Pool Equipment

We provide swimming pool equipment and systems repair, maintenance, and upgrades. Our technicians have over 166 years of experience working with simple equipment issues and repairs to complex pool and spa systems installations and upgrades.

When possible we will try to repair your equipment. However, if we can’t repair something, we suggest purchasing new equipment, an alternative or an upgrade. Many times it’s not economical or cost efficient to replace an item, and we suggest an upgrade.

Modern pool equipment and systems are simpler than the equipment years ago. They are simpler and easy to use, more efficient, automated, and the digital display and user interfaces are easy to understand.

Filters and Filtration Systems

We work with all three filter types including sand, DE (diatomaceous earth), and the newest state-of-the-art cartridge filter systems. Brands include Hayward, Pentair, and Sta-Rite.

Learn more about our pool filters and filtration systems..

Pumps and Pump Systems

We work on all types of pumps, but many of the newer pumps are variable speed, programmable and are energy efficient. We service many brands and lines include Pentair and Hayward .

Learn more about our pool pumps and motors.

Heater System

Although we service both heaters and heat pumps, in the Northeast most customers use either natural gas or propane heaters. Brands include Pentair and Sta-Rite.

Learn more about our heaters .

Sanitizers and Sanitizing System

Many pools are utilizing salt chlorine pool systems or chlorine generator systems. These systems have the chemical makeup of human tears and are softer on your skin than chlorine – a great solution for people whose skin is sensitive to traditional chlorine systems. Brands include Pentair IntelliChlor and Hayward Aqua Rite.

More details are available about salt chlorinated pools on our sanitizing systems page.