Filters and Filtration

Servicing, maintaining, upgrading, and installing pool filters.

Filters and Filtration

Although we service and install many brands, the industry standards are Pentair, Sta-Rite, and Hayward. These state of the art filters are available as cartridge filter systems, diatomaceous earth (DE) and the traditional sand filter systems. All of these are modern filtration systems that are more efficient and require less maintenance than years ago.

It is important to note that the industry is moving towards a ‘green filters’ or filtration systems that are environmentally friendly. These removable cartridge filter systems are durable, lightweight, and offer advanced filtration and ease of maintenance. Some utlize a double filter that prevents small debris, particles, and impurities from going back into the pool leaving your pool sparkling clean.

There is no need to backwash cartridge filters; this cuts down on backwash waste and maintenance. Cartridge filter systems can hold up to 70 times the sediment than traditional sand filters and when the filter needs to be changed it can be swapped out on the spot.

Generally, our technicians can replace and upgrade your existing filter system to a cartridge filter in about a day.

Pentair & Sta-Rite

Pentair offers a reliable established line of products that includes Pentair and the Sta-Rite brand. They offer cartridge, DE, and sand filters.

Pentair Clean and Clear Plus

Source: Pentair

Pentair cartridge filters are easily removed and cleaned. Choices include the Clean & Clear Plus and the System:3® cartridge filter systems that provide “ultracapacity filtration”. Both of these are highly energy efficient and allow for smaller pumps, reducing cost. Cartridge filters do not require the backwashing of traditional filter systems, making it an ideal filter from a maintenance standpoint.

Pentair offers a few models of DE filters including the EASYCLEAN™ D.E. Inground Filter which offers a coreless cartridge for easy cleaning (but still offers the superior water clarity of a DE filtration system) and the SYSTEM:2™ Modular D.E. Filters – PLD Series (Sta-Rite) that delivers clear water without the complexity often found in a traditional DE system.

Pentair sand filters are simple and easy to use, but do require backwashing. The sand filters offer a high quality durability and construction that Pentair is known for. Models include the SAND DOLLAR®Top Mount Filter with ClearPro Technology® which offers superior water clarity and filtration not available in other sand filters and the TRITON® II Side Mount Filters which are known for their one-piece construction and durability.



Hayward filters are another reliable brand of filters. They also offer cartridge, DE, and sand filters.

Hayward Starclear Cartridge Filter System

Source: Hayward

Hayward cartridge filters are easily removed and cleaned and they offer a variety of choices. Lines include the SwimClear™ Multi-Element for a variety of pool sizes and the StarClear™ Plus. Hayward cartridge filters do not require backwashing of traditional filter systems, making it an ideal filter from a maintenance standpoint.

The Hayward line of ProGrid™ DE filters offer durability and efficiency. They also provide a superior water quality and a large filtration capacity.

Hayward’s line of ProSeries™ sand filters is known for it’s simplicity and durability. The construction makes it easy to maintain and allows for rapid servicing if needed.