Pumps, Motors, and Pump Systems

Servicing, maintaining, upgrading, and installing pool pumps, motors and systems.

Pumps and Pump Systems

We service and install many brands of pumps and pump motors. We recommend Pentair and Hayward in terms of reliability and durability. These state of the art pumps and motors are more powerful and robust, use less electricity, are automated, programmable, and safer than traditional pumps. Both Hayward and Pentair have many pump options based on your specific pool needs.


Pentair offers a reliable, safe, and established line of pump and pump systems.

Pentair variable speed pump

Source: Pentair

Two of the most popular systems are the WHISPERFLO® and the INTELLIFLO® lines of pumps.

The dual speed WHISPERFLO® High Performance Pump is an industry standard and tireless workhorse that is used in both residential swimming pools and commercial. It is durable, timeless, and quiet – and it has been used for many years.

The INTELLIFLO® VS+SVRS Variable Speed Pumps are variable speed pumps that greatly reduce energy costs, up to 90%! These pumps are also fully compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Act with a built in SVRS (Safety Vacuum Release System).

The INTELLIFLO® VS+SVRS pump uses an easily programmable keypad and has the “ability to program exact pump speeds for specific operations – filtering, heating, cleaning” Running on variable speeds allows you to save money. The idea for variable speed is you can ‘dial up’ your needs


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Hayward is an established name in pool pumps. They offer a full line of energy efficient pumps in one, two, and variable speeds.

Hayward TriStar VS pool pump

Source: Hayward

The Hayward TriStar VS line of pool pumps offer an unparalleled level of energy efficiency. It is also quiet, easy to maintain, and install. The user interface is easily programmable and simple to use.

The Super Pump® is Hayward’s ‘work-horse’ line of pumps and comes in a few different models. It has a see-through strainer cover and a large basket.

* At Putnam Swimming Pool Service, we remain committed to the environment. In the near future we will begin testing eco-friendly motors that are hyper-efficient, easy to use, and use less electricity than standard pump motors. These can also be retrofitted on traditional pump systems.