Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance since 1992. We keep your pool clean and help prolong the life of your pool.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Weekly Pool Cleaning

We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that includes 15 services per pool season. This is booked at the beginning of each pool season. Our weekly pool cleaning service includes:

  • Cleaning the pool surface floor
  • Empty the baskets
  • Balance pool water and add necessary * chemicals
  • Check filter system and perform any weekly service operations necessary including backwashing, brushing, and vacuuming your swimming pool.

After each cleaning and maintenance service a service report is generated and left so that you know which services were performed on your pool.

* Please remember pool chemicals are not included in the cost of our weekly pool service and are billed separately.

Each pool is unique and uses a different amount or type of chemicals. Pool chemistry and balancing the water for safe swimming is based on a number of factors. These include the weather, temperature, sunlight, pool location, size of pool, bather load, sanitizing and filtration systems, and many other physical and environmental factors.

Note: For some of our customers 15 cleanings may not be enough for the season. Additional pool cleaning may be purchased based on the negotiated rate in your pool contract. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing additional services.

Swimming Pool Maintenance


Summerizing is opening your pool for the season. It includes:

  • Remove pool cover
  • Reassemble filter equipment
  • Start and test filter equipment
  • Test and fire heaters
  • Balance pool water

Drain and Clean

A drain and clean of your pool eliminates a high level of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

It is recommended that pool water be changed every three to five years to avoid elevating levels of dissolved solids in the water (in the case of a tablet chlorinated pool), and to lower the levels of cyanuric acid.

Draining and cleaning your pool, then either acid washing or chlorine washing your pool is performed to remove stains or calcification from the pool finish.


Winterizing your pool or closing it for the season includes:

  • Shut down filter system
  • Disassemble filter and store pool pump (if applicable)
  • Blow out and plug all pool, spa, and/or water feature plumbing
  • Reinstall pool cover (solid covers are an extra fee)

Winter Maintenance Service

Winter maintenance of your pool helps you save money and prolong’s your pool’s life. We offer this service during the winter months to check your pool’s water level to prevent damage to the pool tiles and coping, and check your pool cover.

Winter Maintenance Service includes:

  • Check pool overall
  • Check water level monthly and lower level as necessary
  • Check pool cover and ensure it is secure

About Us

Putnam Swimming Pool Service is a family owned and operated residential swimming pool and spa cleaning, maintenance, repair, and renovation company. Our specialty is gunite and concrete in ground swimming pools. We have been proudly servicing Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY since 1992.

At Putnam Swimming Pool Service, our goal is to help ensure that your pool is clean, safe, and beautiful.

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