Renovation and Restoration

If your are looking to renovate your existing pool or restore it to it’s original swimming splendor we can help!

Swimming Pool Renovation & Restoration

Looking to renovate or upgrade your pool systems? Want an original pool restoration to bring your pool to its former glory? We have the ability to help!

We provide many options that not only beautify your pool and enhance the beauty, but are environmentally friendly, efficient, and state-of-the-art.

From minor repairs and updates, to renovations or structural upgrades, our team of professionals has the capability to provide:

  • Replastering: Through the years paster can wear out. Cracking, discoloration, and delamination are all signs it may be time for replastering. We have the ability to replaster your pool or add a tint.
  • Tiling or Retiling: Through the years tiles can get worn, cracked, broken. We offer a myriad of options and colors to replace your worn or broken tiles.
  • Coping Renovation: Coping can crack and need to be replaced. Whether it’s pavers, natural stone or concrete, it can become a safety issue. We work with you to match or replace your coping.
  • Concrete Structural Repairs: If you are having issues due to broken or cracked concrete, this may not only be a cosmetic issue. Cracks or breaks could mean a structural issue. We can identify and repair cracked or broken concrete and any underling issues.
  • Pool Reconstruction: Does your pool have problems or issues that need to be addressed? We have the capability to rebuild your pool the way you want it, to change it, or bring it back to its original state.
  • Deck Refinishing and Resurfacing: Tired of your old pool deck? Does it look worn or faded – we can restore, upgrade, or update the look.
  • Automation, Systems Installations, and Upgrades: Are your pool systems or equipment worn, dated or constantly in need of repair? Filtration, circulation, heating or sanitization and chlorination, can all can be upgraded and automated. Making your pool simpler to operate, easier to maintain, and more efficient.
  • In-Pool Lighting Systems: We can repair, update, or upgrade the lighting inside your pool using state of the art LED’s, colored lighting, or corrosion free fittings.
  • Salt Chlorine Generator Installation: A salt chlorine generator is an environmentally friendly way to create chlorine for your pool. We can upgrade your existing systems, or install new one.
  • Pool Cartridge Filter Systems: We install, service, and maintain cartridge filter systems. This is a more environmentally friendly way to filter your pool.
  • Plumbing Upgrades: We can fix leaks, and repair or update your pool or spa’s plumbing systems.

Our team has over 166 years of total experience in the swimming pool industry. We are the swimming pool and spa professionals serving the Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY area since 1992.

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About Us

Putnam Swimming Pool Service is a family owned and operated residential swimming pool and spa cleaning, maintenance, repair, and renovation company. Our specialty is gunite and concrete in ground swimming pools. We have been proudly servicing Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY since 1992.

At Putnam Swimming Pool Service, our goal is to help ensure that your pool is clean, safe, and beautiful.

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