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Swimming pool repair since 1992. Repair and maintenance prolong the life of your pool.

Swimming Pool Repair

It is necessary to maintain and service your pool’s equipment and systems. If your equipment breaks down it needs to be repaired.

If you feel you are having an issue, please contact Randy in our service department.

If there are any issues present when the pool techs are cleaning and maintaining your pool, it will be detailed on your service ticket (left after every cleaning) and we will contact you.

Our team can repair, service, upgrade, and maintain any pool equipment or systems:

Filter and Filtration Systems

The pool filter system removes organic and inorganic waste from the water in your swimming pool. It consists of the filter, the skimmer, and the drain.

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Different types of filters and filtration systems include:

  • Cartridge filter systems
  • Diatomaceous earth (DE)
  • Sand filters

Common filter problems include:

  • Excessive or low pressure
  • Broken multiport (sand filter or DE)
  • Excessive sand at bottom of the pool (sand filter)
  • Cartridge filter dirty and not working properly


The pool skimmer ‘skims’ or removes dirt and debris from the top surface of the water. It consists of the weir door through which debris and water flow, the basket where the debris is deposited, and the top of the skimmer called the skimmer cover.

Common skimmer problems include:

  • Broken skimmer cover
  • No suction in skimmer or blockage in skimmer line
  • Broken or missing weir door
  • Melted skimmer basket


The pool drain is in the deep end of a pool or the lowest point of the pool. It is part of the filtration system. If your cover is cracked or broken it must be replaced.

Pool drain covers must be non-cyclonic covers or grates and not produce a vortex in the water.

We can repair, replace, or upgrade your pool’s filter or filtration system. More details are available about filters on the filter equipment page.

Circulation System

The pool’s circulation system includes the pump and pump motor. The pool pump pulls the water from your skimmer and drain and then circulates it by pushing it back through the returns in your pool.

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The pump motor is the powerhouse of your pool, it has a lifespan of about 3-5 years and is also part of your circulation system. If it is not working properly it can affect all of the other equipment in your pool.

Common pump and motor issues include:

  • Pump not working, no water movement, or overheating
  • Broken gasket or seal, causing leakage
  • Excessive grinding or humming noise from bearings or debris on impeller
  • Water leaking from broken or cracked seal plate on motor
  • Leaky pumps or melted fittings

We can repair, replace, or upgrade your pool motor or pump if needed. More details are available on the about pool pumps and motors page.

Heating System

The heating system includes any equipment that heats your pool.
Two of the most popular heating systems are:

  • Heaters
  • Heat Pumps

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Pool heaters use natural gas or propane to heat the water and can run in all seasons (Used in the Northeast). Heat pumps use the surrounding ambient air to heat the water and can only run when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

After the water passes through your filter it goes through a heater (or heat pump) to heat the water and return to your pool.

Common heater or heat pump issues include:

  • Not working or firing, not providing heat
  • Gas heater not working after tank is filled
  • Safety circuit or error code
  • Low flow or poor circulation

We can repair, replace, or upgrade your pool’s heating system. More details are available about heaters on the heater equipment page.

Sanitizing System

There are various pool systems that can be used to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your pool. These standard system uses chemical compounds like chlorine or bromine , or a combination of chemicals and UV, ozone, or chlorine generated ‘salt pools’.

However, many pools are utilizing salt to chlorine generation systems (also known as salt pool systems or chlorine generator systems). Although these are state of the art systems and environmentally friendly, they still require some maintenance.

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Common salt chlorinated pool issues include:

  • Salt cell replacement
  • New control board

We can repair or upgrade your current sanitizing system. More details are available about salt chlorinated pools on our sanitizing systems page.

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