Pool Chemical Storage Safety

Residential swimming pool chemical storage for maximum safety.

Swimming Pool Chemical Storage Safety

* Below are a few tips for storing swimming pool chemicals for residential swimming pools:

  1. Never mix swimming pool chemicals.
  2. Store all pool chemicals in a cool dry place, free from moisture.
  3. Never add water to chemicals, add chemicals to the pool water.
  4. Use proper protective gear or clothing, and protective accessories including goggles or eye protection, masks or respirators (when applicable), and gloves when handling all pool chemicals.
  5. Keep chemicals stored in a safe and secure location.
  6. Ensure flammable materials are not stored with pool chemicals.

* These are only guidelines and references. Review all local regulations and laws in your area. Consult a pool care professional or swimming pool cleaning and maintenance company with questions about services.

Pool Chemical Residential Storage Resources

Additional resources for pool chemical storage are listed below.

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State of Connecticut: Department of Public Health, “Safe Handling and Storage of Pool Chemicals”

A pdf document that includes information about the safe handling and storage of pool chemicals.

State of New York: Department of Health: “Swimming Pool Chemicals”

The webpage includes information about safe storage and handling of pool chemicals, emergency response, and a summary factsheet about swimming pool chemicals and storage.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): “Preventing Pool Chemical-Associated Health Events”

This webpage includes information about Pool chemical storage and the safe handling of pool chemicals and health information.

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